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Tiggit is a video game client that's similar to Steam and Desura. However, instead of offering paid commercial games, Tiggit has only free independent games in its catalog.

Tiggit's video game library currently includes more than 500 titles, all of them free. The best thing about it though, is that every user can suggest new video games using one of the tabs on the interface. You can recommend any free independent title to be added to the library.

The interface in Tiggit is simple and intuitive. In the left column, you can find different video game categories (FPS, Roguelike, Adventure, etc.), in the middle, you see the video game list, and to the right, you see a picture and information about each game.

To install any of the games in Tiggit you just have to double click its name. The game is downloaded in a few seconds and installed wherever you choose, so in five minutes, you can be playing almost any game from the library.

Tiggit is the definitive tool for indie game lovers, or anyone looking for an experience different from the commercial games offered by Steam, GOG, and Desura. Some of the games you can find on Tiggit include: FreeCiv, Xonotic, Battle for Wesnoth, Rogue, Knytt, and many, many more.
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